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4.6 ( 6496 ratings )
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Forfatter: Bertil Holmberg

Play your favorite lottery with the Lotta! app. Just shake your iPhone or iPod touch to get lucky!

A unique feature of Lotta! is that you can touch your favorite numbers to include them in the lottery, or touch an unlucky number twice to exclude it. Your choices for the current game are saved when the app is closed, as are the current lucky numbers.

Lotta! will help you with most number lotteries, including those that require another number for a second field. The app can generate from 1 to 23 random numbers for lotteries with sizes from 24 to 99.

Thanks for using Lotta!, I do hope you will get as much fun out of the app as I did when I wrote it and wish you all the best of good luck!

If you have a magical iPad, please have a look at Lotta for iPad, a free app too!